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Jun 26

Top 10 Dog Names of 2020 So Far

Bringing home a puppy is a special time of new cuddles, lots of cleaning up, and sometimes, chaos! Preparing for this momentous occasion means shopping for puppy and (the fun part!) deciding on a name for your new furbaby. With so many cute possibilities, you may be stressing about what... read more →
Apr 30
Apr 23

6 Strange Dog Behaviors Explained

Our dogs are a lot of things. They are sweet, cute, sometimes naughty, but always loyal. We may even think we have them all figured out. And then they start turning in circles and pawing at the floor before lying down! Despite sharing our lives with dogs, sometimes we are... read more →
Apr 03

Grooming Your Dog at Home: Beyond the Bath

Lots of tasks are increasingly difficult -- if not impossible -- these days, including taking your dog to the groomer. However, regular grooming can keep your pup healthy and increase his quality of life. While bathing your dog in the bathtub is fairly straightforward, other grooming tasks might seem more... read more →
Mar 18
Mar 04

What to Look for in a Dog Walker

Chances are, you have a lot going on in your life -- perhaps too much at times. You have many plates in the air, and any help is much appreciated. These days, dog owners are turning to professional dog walkers to take an important daily task off their hands. What... read more →
Aug 20
Jul 30
Jun 20

The Fashion-Forward Dog

It may be the deepest divide between dog lovers — and the most unbridgeable. As a dog walker serving northern Virginia, I’ve seen the reactions first-hand. Some dog people cringe – not just inwardly – whenever they see a dog in booties or a jacket. Others have a closet full... read more →
May 30

Take Your Dog for a Day Trip

At WalkOn, we’re not only your local NoVA dog walkers – we’re NoVa dog owners and dog lovers. We’ve discovered some great doggy day trip destinations for you and your best friend If you've never taken your dog out beyond the neighborhood, this is the best time of the year... read more →