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 Centreville, Va.

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Do you hate asking neighbors or friends to let your dogs out while you are stuck at work? With WalkOn, you have peace of mind that your dog is taken care of by professional, experienced dog walkers in Centreville. WalkOn will personalize visits to accommodate your dog’s needs. From backyard potty breaks to long walks, WalkOn has residents of Centreville covered.

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*All walks must be completed with the first month of service.

Dog walking services and rates in Centreville

Our Centreville dog walking services are available at competitive rates. A 15-minute “pit stop” may be all older dogs need to get them through the day. Puppies require a bit more attention and time. We can tailor a schedule that suits your dog. Contact WalkOn to discuss your pet care needs.

Pit Stop

20 minutes: $18

Private Dog Walk or Backyard Break

Power Walk

30 Minutes: $22

Private Dog Walk

Leisurely Walk

45 Minutes: $37

Private Dog Walk

Multiple Dogs? No Problem!

If you have up to three dogs at home that need exercise, WalkOn offers pack dog walking if your dogs get along and are well trained to walk calmly on a leash with their companions. Our base rates cover the first two dogs. The fee for the third dog is $3. If you are blessed with more than three dogs, we will negotiate a dog walking rate for the group, but we will not walk more than three dogs at a time.

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When you schedule Centreville dog walks with WalkOn, you know your dog is in good hands. We treat every dog like we would our own and strive to make every walk a great one.

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Centreville Dog Resources

WalkOn knows life can be busy. Need a local Centreville vet? Maybe you want to treat your dogs to a grooming session? What about grabbing a toy for your new puppy? We put together a few Centreville dog friendly resources that might help!

Centreville dog owners are located in close proximity to the site of some of the earliest battles of the U.S. Civil War. Don’t let this painful history keep you away. The Manassas Battlefield Park and Bull Run Battlefield are gems for hikers and dog walkers. Keep your eyes peeled and you may just encounter some horses too. Be sure to bring plenty of water and tick repellent for yourself and your dogs.

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